Monday, June 8, 2009

I have one word for y'all...
(ok actually a combination of letters and numbers)
I am fan of working out, ok well, maybe not a fan, but I do it... and when I do it, I like it. Especially when its over. Weight lifting makes me feel strong, Pilates is wonderful and relaxing, a nice run(Al says I jog...whatever) is a great pumpup, I love bootcamps.
But never...ever...ever...
could I have been prepared for this little demon that snuck it's way into my home.
My butt is officially kicked.

I'm so gonna be ripped...

P.S. I am so sore, it hurts to breathe.


While visiting her Bapa and Ada in March, Nevaeh had the opportunity to help out in Ada's garden and to plant her very own strawberry plant. She was counting on receiving photo updates of how her little plant was growing, since she, being so far away would be unable to care for it. In April we celebrated Nevaeh's 4th birthday, Bapa and Ada came down for her party...and so did her strawberry plant! She has watered, pruned, picked off caterpillars(actually I did, she wouldn't touch them) and faithfully kept Charlotte away from her strawberry plant. Two months later she is finally seeing and tasting the fruits of her labor.
So far we've picked two little ones that apparently were a little sour.
We have four more on the way!