Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Sunday

Nevaeh: "Daddy's home, Daddy's home!!!... Yay!" (squeals of joy) "Daddy we should do something special today, what can we do that is special?"

Char: "Da-yee Da-yee, bup, bup, bup"

Daddy: "How about after your nap we will go on walk, and we will see if we can find something really special."(wink wink)

Nevaeh: Oh! Kay!

Char: Oh! Tay!

On our walk ...we found something very special indeed.

Nevaeh: "Thank you Daddy!"

Char: "Dah-Doo"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Evening sun

I think its important that the girls have alone time, whether with mommy or daddy or just...alone. Nevaeh loves to do art projects and Charlotte loves to destroy them. So while Nevaeh peacefully painted on her easel in the backyard, Char and I kept busy inside enjoying the evening sun beaming through the back doors and with the light just so...I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


...for me to stop taking pictures so we can play.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

absolute favorite mug

Inspired, as I often am, by CrynFiction's recent post of the glorious combination of cookies, coffee and the ones you love. I decided to dido her, and post a photo of MY absolute favorite mug.

This is my absolute favorite mug because...

1. It was my mother's mug and I stole it when I left home.

2. It brings back fond memories of my childhood, I remember always seeing this mug in the locations mentioned below.

3. It is from the 70's ...and how cool were the 70's? (i wasn't there but I've heard they we're)

4. It is small. (the hot beverage of choice stays warmer, because u drink it faster, because there is less in it)

5. It matches my house(:

So lets have some FUN people!!!

My challenge to all of you out there is to grab your it?... head to your kitchen, bedroom , bathroom, patio or... wherever. Grab YOUR absolute favorite mug, out of the cupboard, the sink, the dishwasher, off the counter, the desk, the back of the toilet or... wherever. Take a photo and then share it with the rest of us along with why this mug above all others is your

... absolute favorite mug.

dont forget to leave a comment so we can find your blog, if you don't have a blog,
now is the time ladies and gentlemen.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

hEaVeNs dAiSy

I made these flower clips for the girls...aren't they cute.
I wear them too (:

for photos of clips in action see here