Monday, April 12, 2010

"Now that I'm FIVE….

...I need to take my training wheels off"
...I should be in school"
...I can pour my own milk"
…I can wear a regular seatbelt"
…I can roller skate"
...I can put my own clip in my hair"
…I can swing…I'm FIVE, why isn't it working!?"
...I can enter the password by myself"
…I can go to horse camp…I need cowgirl boots mom"
...I need a real backpack"
…I need a new bed…do u think mine is long enough?"
...I can reach stuff"
…I need a two wheeler scooter, the fast ones"
…I can play on a baseball and soccerball team"
…I can move up to the five year old class"
...I need five year old clothes...what size do five year olds wear?"

Nevaeh Jane Abdulla turned FIVE on March 27th, and in the past two weeks I have heard all of the above and a gazillion more I have forgotten. This girl is stoked to be FIVE. She has changed so much in the past year, from a shy and quiet introverted lil preschooler into an active FIVE year old, real life kid, who will hug anyone who looks nice and rarely stops talking EVER!

She already has a list of things she wants to accomplish in life,
that is getting increasing longer as I type this.
She wants to be a veterinarian, a cowgirl, a painter, a really good artist, walk dogs, own a horse and a unicorn, go to horse camp, build houses, ride a bird, go for a hay ride, be a farmer, be a princess, fix things, work at the zoo, work at taco bell, work at the dog pound, train a puppy, work with Shamu, act in movies, build a snowman, change a babies diaper, play guitar on stage, sing, drive a car, be a ballerina, ride in a boat, a train, a plane, a helicopter, a hot air balloon, and a dog sled, go to school, read, go on a water slide, sew stuff, fix computers, paint our own house, sleep in mommy and daddy's bed, pet a lion, be a mommy, cut her hair, never wear jeans again, and she asks every single day for a dog.

She is brave where she was once so fearful, she is strong where she was once weak, she succeeds where she once failed, she is constantly discovering new things and is completely fascinated by each one. She is a volcano of questions every time we leave the house.

A week before her birthday, as we were saying our night time prayers, Nevaeh told Al that she wanted to pray to ask Jesus to be her Shepherd and her King. It was so precious. As I was saying goodnight and reminding her of the party in heaven that Daddy told her about she began to cry. When I asked her what was wrong she said,
"I dont know... you know how some people cry even when they're not sad, like when they're happy about stuff?"
"Yes" i said, "what are you happy crying about?"
She answered, "You know just about Jesus and stuff"

She's amazing…more than any mama could ask for.
Happy Birthday Goose.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Jason & Sara


I was so stoked to be able to take some photos of my beautiful sister
Sara and her hubby of 7 years, Jason.
Sara and I met in the 2nd grade and quickly became BFF's. We we're inseparable... blood sisters, pen pals, teammates, dance partners, nintendo rivals, amateur song writers and co-conspirators. But in jr. high our childhood dream of becoming family became a surprising reality when her dad married my mom!…weird huh?
We were born to be sisters :)

Here's some photos of our time together
….a lot of photos.

Sara and Jason recently rescued and adopted their 1st child, a little guy named Spike!

Um…Jason you have a goegeous wife sitting next to you.
Stop kissing the dog!

We had So much fun :)

Spike is very timid and always nervous, but he was such a
good boy and even smiled for me a few times.

….PART TWO coming shortly