Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Last Thursday...

Last Thursday my wonderful husband planned a daytime date for us to the J. Paul Getty Museum. We do date nights often, but a daytime date?... this was a whole new concept. I didn't realize that it would be much different then our usual dates of dinner and shopping....but was! Being together alone, during the day, for an extended period of time was just what the Dr. ordered. I strongly recommend this to any married couple with small adorable life-sucking children (kidding). For those of you who dont know, the Getty Museum is in LA, therfore we spent the majority of our day in traffic, which if you continually tell yourself to relax and enjoy eachothers sweet company can be managable....even enjoyable. We had lots of time to talk over our desires, goals and exciting possiblities for the future of our family. The Getty was really cool too! Amazing paintings, sweet photography and beautiful gardens and cityscapes (which were my favorite), and a not so great tuna salad sandwich and coffee for way too much money. Our favorite exhibit was called 'Captured Emotions', Baroque paintings from the 1500-1700's. Most of the paintings were scences imagined from biblical stories. Above is a painting of the Return of the Prodigal Son from this exhibit.

Here are some photos of our day

The girls were very well cared for SeraBella (follow link for pics of thier day) and later Bri and later Rachel! They were all my hero's and the girls were thrilled to spend the day with them.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"Rejoice in the LORD, O you righteous!
For praise from the upright in beautiful.
Praise the LORD with the the harp;
make melody to Him with an instrument of ten strings.
Sing to Him a new song;
Play skillfully with a shout of joy.
Our soul waits for the LORD;
He is our help and our shield.
For our heart shall rejoice in Him.
Because we have trusted in His holy name.
Let your mercy, O LORD, be upon us,
Just as we hope in You."

Monday, February 9, 2009

I found Matt's blog through aol...I think. But anyways Matt and his wife Liz were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Madeline on March 24th of last year. The following day Liz died. Matt's blog broke my heart and since I found it I have been praying for him. I do not think that Matt is a Christian given the fact that he curses like sailor...make that 2 sailors.(: So if you do not want to expose yourself to profanity, steer clear of his blog and just pray or just look at the amazing pictures. The ad at the right is Liz's foundation, helping families finacially who have lost a loved one.
Matt and Maddy

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big Boo-Boo

Oh my Charlotte, what will I do with you?
This evening Charlotte flipped over the back of the couch and landed face first on the hardwood floor. She has a swollen lip and nose and both were bleeding. Can a baby break her nose? So hard to tell cause its just all squishy. Surprisingly she only cried for a moment and then was happy to be able to chew on the ice pack(which was good for her lip). I iced her face the best I could and kept her up for an extra half-hour just in case. She seems fine. She's a tough one. Oh my.

Monday, February 2, 2009


"She opens her mouth with wisdom,
And on her tongue is the law of kindness."
-Prov 31:26
If I belittle those whom I'm called to serve, talk of their weak points in contrast perhaps with what I think of as my strong points; if i adopt a superior attitude, forgetting "Who made thee to differ?" and "What hast thou that thou hast not received?" then I know nothing of Calvary Love. - Amy Carmicheal