Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charlotte Turns Three!!!

Few things in life have brought us more joy than our Charlotte.
She has us laughing all the time.
Her blonde wild curls match her personality perfectly
and we are always asking ourselves where this child came from.
Often shy around people, few get to see the real Char.
She is smart, sneaky, funny, and always up for a good time.
She loves to dance and sing.
Her night time prayers are so long we almost
always have to cut her off gently. She loves her daddy.
She is always looking out for #1 and nothing and no one is sacred,
the girl will turn on you in a heartbeat!
She usually strips as soon as she walks in the front door
and plays dress up daily,
complete with a knife tucked in her chonies, to fight the bad guys.
She wants nothing to do with babies
and has made it clear she does NOT want one in our house:)
She asks almost everyday to go to the candy store.
She thinks the world of her big sister,
but makes it perfectly clear who rules the relationship.
We love you Charlotte Elizabeth and couldn't be more thankful
to God for making you so wonderfully special.
You are perfect for our family!

Happy Birthday Cheese!