Friday, April 18, 2008

Up and ...Crawling

Yes its true! Baby Charlotte is on the move. And she's got rug burned knees to prove it. (for a solution to rug burned baby knees check out It began a week or so ago with a very intense army crawl that could put an experienced marine to shame. Nothing was out of her reach, with this new ability to meander about the room, is was as though the world were at her fingertips. Then all of a sudden... up she popped, onto all fours, resting the weight of all that chub on her tiny fingers and toes. This was exciting for a while, but realizing that making any real progress in this itsy-bitsy-spider like stance was near impossible at this stage in her development, she dropped to her knees. Rocking back and forth with such ferver and chanting ( i think she was psychin' herself up) she finally put one hand in front of the other and began to crawl. Each move is slow and delibrate, often reverting back to her days in the army when speed is of necesity. Getting to and tasting one of Nevaeh's ponies for example, before anyone notices, would call for the swift army crawl.

For footage of an experienced crawler check out the feats of Miss Caiden Keats.

Though I am proud of the accomplishments of my littlest one, I secretly fear having two mobile children. Yes... that is my lens cap on her head.

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BaPa said...

All I know is those are the most beautiful girls I know!