Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Green Thumb

Could it be that the generational curse of the black thumb(sorry mom) has been lifted?
Two months ago I received this African Violet from my Uncle's memorial celebration, as did most of the other women in my family. As we headed out the door together, my African Violet and I, I looked upon him(he's male) with pity, knowing full well the inevitable fate that awaited him. I found myself apoligizing that he got stuck with me. It was then that I made a promise to myself and to my new leafy friend, that I would do all that was in my power to keep him happy and alive. "They like to be watered from the bottom and placed in indirect sunlight" was all the direction I had been given (thanks to my cousin Jen, the botanist). Simple enough, you would think. Well, he survived the 4 hour drive back home, bouncing along in the back of our SUV with a screaming baby and a blaring Disney Cars DVD, so I knew he was stronger then I was...Yes, this could work ...he's a fighter. It wasn't long after being in my care that the curse of the black thumb took hold and his health began to rapidly decline. He lost all of his beautiful violet flowers and it seemed that each morning a new leaf began to wither. I pleaded with him mercilessly to hold on... and ran to the internet for help. Come to find out he needed less water and more sunlight, I was drowning the little dude and depriving him of some much needed photosynthesis. I began to move him around to different spots in house, until he found one that suited him best. So there he stays, flourishing, happy as a lark and I beam with pride every time I see him. Alas! the curse is gone and I believe my thumb is turning green!


Corynne Escalante said...


sarajeancooksey said...

good job! but that reminds me... I got one of those african violet plants too didn't I? I wonder where it is? I'll have to look for it, maybe Jase has been taking care of it. I hope so. my poor plant! side note: see this is why I do not have children, it is not a good thing when you forget about them after bringing them home.

Brandel said...

I'm so proud! I do want to remind you that my yard in Fresno was full of beautiful & healthy flowers at one time. Hey Sara, are those still alive?