Sunday, November 2, 2008

Marty and Melman

Marty the Zebra and Melman the Giraffe made their way from the set of Madagascar to our house! Nevaeh loves to act like animals, as most of you know, so she really enjoyed dressing up as a zebra. She wore her costume days ahead of time prancing around on all fours shaking her tail. Charlotte wore the cutest little Giraffe costume (complements of aunt Brandi), however she was not quite as excited about it as the rest of us were. When she was due to make her adorable animal debut she layed on the floor and refused to get up. She wanted nothing to do with that Giraffe head on top of her own. It was quite funny and I couldn't help but snap a few quick pictures....poor baby.
A couple of days pre-halloween, Nevaeh and I bought bags of candy and tied little 'Jesus books'(as she called the little tracts) to them. As I expected our neighborhood was booming with little princesses', transformers and a few horrid looking creatures. Nevaeh really enjoyed all the kids coming to our door dressed up and giving them candy and a 'Jesus book'. So much so that we had to convince her that she could go out and get some candy too! It only took 1 house for her to catch on to this amazing process. This was her 1st experience with trick or treating and though she did not want to say 'trick or treat' she loved receiving the candy.

learning the 'thriller' dance


The Montgomerys said...

Those girls look so CUTE in their costumes!! I love it. That is why I look forward to Halloween every year...the kids. Hope you guys had a nice night.



sarajeancooksey said...

oh I hate that you guys are so far away, but I love being able to experiece these moments through pictures!

they are too adorable.
btw, where is Al and Nina's costume?