Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He Lives...He lives in me.

The girls and I spent a quiet Easter morning at home, opening baskets (thank you bapa & ada), painting eggs, hiding the plastic ones, and swinging in our hammock (a new fav pastime). Daddy snuck out of the house at 5am all spiffied up in Easter Sunday's best, to usher the sunrise service and to teach at Refuge. The morning was warm and glorious and our yard was exceptionally beautiful. Though I am NEVER alone, it is often easy to feel so when in the contsant company of toddler chatter and preschool fanstasies. It seemed that on this special day my home should be bustling with family and children all decked out and sugered up way to early and excited for the long awaited hunt (I'm pretty idealistic). But not so, my family was far and my husband was 'working'. Although I was tempted to 'go there' I didn't. I knew I was NOT alone and I couldn't think of a more perfect day to bask in and enjoy the presence of Jesus then on the day we remember and celebrate that He is indeed ALIVE!
I had a wonderful Easter Sunday...I spent my morning with Jesus.
...and these two lil crazies


The Montgomerys said...

I love all of your dresses, so so cute!!! Sounds like a wonderfully beautiful day!!! I love the photos too, you are an amazing photographer!!!


Rachel was like.... said...

i love the last one of the girls on the hammock. ...guess where we will be hanging out tonight? ;)

Al said...

Them is some beautiful girls
of course I am not biased
Im Bapa

Abraham and Danielle said...

You have become the best photographer ever!! I'm so impressed.....the little angels are the cutest too!! Love, Danielle