Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Sunday

Nevaeh: "Daddy's home, Daddy's home!!!... Yay!" (squeals of joy) "Daddy we should do something special today, what can we do that is special?"

Char: "Da-yee Da-yee, bup, bup, bup"

Daddy: "How about after your nap we will go on walk, and we will see if we can find something really special."(wink wink)

Nevaeh: Oh! Kay!

Char: Oh! Tay!

On our walk ...we found something very special indeed.

Nevaeh: "Thank you Daddy!"

Char: "Dah-Doo"


Bianca said...

Oh my goodness! Will you guys adopt me? I love the pictures and the story :)

Can I move in? I'll be the maid ;)

Sera Nelson said...

too cute!

Tara Harman said...

How fun!! Where was this?

Great ferris wheel shot : )

Abraham and Danielle said...

Oh my... how cute was that?? Yeah...where were you at? And....look at the big hair on Char....the look is like "Mom, why did you do my hair this way??" Ha Ha!! Love, Danielle

sarajeancooksey said...

how fun!!!! I love your pictures :)

Rachel was like.... said...

aww! i love it! great lighting that day for sure! were you able to use your adobe program on these pictures before it expired?? ;) (once i get a new computer that can handle all my pictures your gonna have to give me the link to that website)

Brandi said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Laura Bat said...

aww carnivals/fairs have so many colors, the pictures are just awesome. Al told me about how Nevaeh hated the mayonnaise corn hahaha. he was a little disappointed :)

The Montgomerys said...

So cute. I love the pictures and the colorful carnival!!! BTW now I want an elote now!!!!!!!!!!!! aka, that corn with chili!!!!!!!!!!



Nina49a said...

B- I will never trun down cleaning services, we do have an extra room(;
Tara- this was at Santa Ana College memorial day weekend.

Dani- No one does Char's hair, Char's hair does itself!

Rach- I edited with Picassa, my lightroom trial expired...sigh :(

Bat- Yes Nevaeh insisted on getting a corn...and hated it. Char liked it but after one bite it fell on the ground...i was actually kind glad.

Mon- Ah Elote! now i know.