Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jason & Sara


I was so stoked to be able to take some photos of my beautiful sister
Sara and her hubby of 7 years, Jason.
Sara and I met in the 2nd grade and quickly became BFF's. We we're inseparable... blood sisters, pen pals, teammates, dance partners, nintendo rivals, amateur song writers and co-conspirators. But in jr. high our childhood dream of becoming family became a surprising reality when her dad married my mom!…weird huh?
We were born to be sisters :)

Here's some photos of our time together
….a lot of photos.

Sara and Jason recently rescued and adopted their 1st child, a little guy named Spike!

Um…Jason you have a goegeous wife sitting next to you.
Stop kissing the dog!

We had So much fun :)

Spike is very timid and always nervous, but he was such a
good boy and even smiled for me a few times.

….PART TWO coming shortly


Rachel was like.... said...

such great pictures nina! i love the backgrounds too! looks like tons of fun.. you totally could pass as a professional. ;)

sarajeancooksey said...

awesome!!! and thanks for making me cry. I think we were born to be sisters too ;)

those look really good. LOL - first child! he's my fur-baby.

sarajeancooksey said...

thanks for sharing the word on Fresno Bully Rescue :)
(since I am now a "pit-pusher" it means a lot)

Brandi said...

When I read that I said "I bet this made Sara cry". Nina you have such a gift - photos and writting. Can't wait to see how the Lord is going to use that gift. Awesome job on the photos. You even made Spike look cute (Hahaha! Just kidding sara... just kidding ;)

Tara Harman said...

wow!! great photos Nina! I love the textures in those backgrounds, and the colors... beautiful job. I hope to see more of this from you ;)

Nina49a said...

Tara! thanks! i was so nervous posting them, aaand….i was waiting for your comment :)

The Montgomerys said...

Amazing job!! Beautiful photo! The story was so sweet, that is amazing that your best friend became your sister...wow. I loved this!!!

mon :)

Maggie said...

Nin...When and If I get engaged, I want you and allison to take my engagement pictures....we'll come to YOU.