Monday, February 9, 2009

I found Matt's blog through aol...I think. But anyways Matt and his wife Liz were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Madeline on March 24th of last year. The following day Liz died. Matt's blog broke my heart and since I found it I have been praying for him. I do not think that Matt is a Christian given the fact that he curses like sailor...make that 2 sailors.(: So if you do not want to expose yourself to profanity, steer clear of his blog and just pray or just look at the amazing pictures. The ad at the right is Liz's foundation, helping families finacially who have lost a loved one.
Matt and Maddy


Brandi said...

We are praying for Matt.

Nina49a said...

Thanks. Mom said my post was weird. Is it?