Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Disneyland Birthdays

September 21st 1981
Its weird to think that as Al was blowing out his candles on his 5th birthday, not to far away his wife was being born...ME!
This year we spent our birthday with our beautiful girls at the happiest place on earth...


You never know how these sort of outings might turn out. Pretty much everytime we leave the house with the sole purpose of having fun...there is potential for disaster.
But not on this day!
Despite the heat, the naplessness, the long waiting in lines, the ever taunting cotton candy, the monotonous buckle in, unbuckle routine in the stroller.... our girls rocked!
Not one tear, not one whine, not one pouty face.
It was such a blessing to spend the day blessing them and in return we were SO blessed!
Our family had and awesome day riding rides, meeting characters, drinking smoothies and watching interesting people(:
Nevaeh ran to Pooh Bear, she couldn't believe she actually met him!
Charlotte loved flying in Dumbo
Goofy's silly piano
Al blew stuff up
Mickey kept hitting me in the head with his ear


Brandi said...

No pouting, no tears? No that is a gift itself!
You looked ticked at Mickey in that last picture :)
Glad y'all had fun on your... birthday(s)?

Corynne Escalante said...

oh man, i love you guys! looks like you had a great time! that's so cool...

Rachel was like.... said...

haha i can see your 'mouth full of nuts smile' in the last one. these pictures are adorable!! nevaeh looks estatic to see pooh. aww. cant wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Tara Harman said...

Happy birthday Nina and Al! You guys were the first I thought of when I saw that disneyland is free on your birthday this year : ) It looks like you all had a lot of fun!

Al said...

Now that is the way the way to spend your birthdays or are you being a cheapskate so all you had to pay for was the girls? Ha Ha "Anyways" it was the smartest idea especially seeing Nevaeh with pooh except I know charlotte ate something but no pic?

Maggie said...

ah yes! Char was telling us about this...well more so, she was telling us about it and eah was translating...."she said she saw mickey" "she said she saw pooh"

Mighty Warrior said...

um, can you guys adopt Sara and I. we'd love to go to D-Land on our birthdays. but none of that combined birthday present business. separate but

curtainz_fire said...

man you are a wonderful family :)