Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, November has come and gone, as if a gust of autumn wind swooped it up.
If anyone knows where it went let me know.
October...well we wont talk about October.
It seemed simple enough, but it SO wasn't. November was better.
Thanksgiving was a blessing
...and leaves are really really fun(:


Brandi said...

I love the pictures!! Glad to see you blogging again :)

Rachel was like.... said...

wow! char is so much bigger than she was a month ago! aww they look so very excited to be playing in the leaves. i love the one of Aeh laying in the leaves. great pictures as always Nina.

Jessy said...

awe to cute!! I miss you guys!

Bianca said...

Hi :) Love the pictures! Hope life in Carp is well... give Al my greetings :)

Tara Harman said...

wow, a post from you! Its been so long! Well I must say I am really jealous that it actually looks like fall where you are at... such pretty colors! Is that your house in the last one? If so its gorgeous :)

Nina49a said...

Jessy-Miss u too!
Tara- Well, it looks like fall in Fresno where these were taken, in front of Al's grandparents house. It does not look like fall in Carp either:(
B- life in Carp is... getting better:) I will pass along your greeting. Come visit!

Abraham and Danielle said...
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Abraham and Danielle said... I had major typos....I'm so glad you're blogging again...yay! You are almost as bad as me! These are some of your best pictures! I especially love the one at the end!! Love, Danielle

Al said...

How I love my Grand daughters!
Thanks Nina
Love Pops

The Montgomerys said...

Your pictures are so beautiful, I just love them....they make me happy. Your girls are so beautiful :)

God Bless you guys!!! Or should I say yous guyz since I live in Pa :)