Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today in the Car...

Nevaeh: "*Gasp* Mama! Look at that dog!"

Mama: "I see him. He's all by himself,
he doesn't have a leash does he"?

Nevaeh: "THAT is a safety violation!"

Mama: "Hahaha! A what?"

Nevaeh: "A safety violation...why are you laughing?"

Mama: "haha, because that's funny."

Nevaeh : "Mom. A safety violation is not funny."

….somebody get this girl a badge.


Maggie said...

She is the best. I will read her book. Help her write one.

Corynne Escalante said...

so so great!

thank you for posting. some of us are hungry to hear about your life! love love love you!

oh, and thank you for my beautiful birthday gift! it is awesome. i love it. i took a picture to send you, but i haven't done it yet. it wasn't very flattering. but i should text it anyway. <3

Brandi said...

I nearly died laughing when I read this one! Where does she get this stuff? Too funny!

Abraham and Danielle said...

Hilarious! She's amazing! Where did she get that? We miss you all.....Love, Danielle

Rachel was like.... said...

LOVE it. i can totally hear her saying it, "...why are you laughing?"
give her a kiss and tell her i love her! and char!

sarajeancooksey said...

oh my gosh!
safety violation - she must get that from Bapa. It's in the blood.

Al said...

Ha ha guess who will carry on the tradition of eradicating injustice in the streets?

Naw she is too kind hearted, sweet, and was really looking out for the dog.

Love Bapa!

Jessy said...

I love it!! to cute!

The Montgomerys said...

Joe and I are totally cracking up right now. That is so cute!

Lindsey said...

That is HYSTERICAL!! What a doll!

April said...

i'll take a felt clip or a felt owl...can i still order! fun looking at your self this love getting to know you! thanks for park day! love, a