Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beach Picnic…check!

The girls and I go to the beach often,
but you see apparently Mommy is boring and Daddy is fun,
so this trip was especially…special.
this is Char's "having a blast" face
Dog Beach...
re-named by me, in light of the buttzillion unleashed dogs that ran full
speed up to my children,
and were almost were wrangled by my protective husband.
They were all nice dogs of course, but "you never know".
One sneaky lil devil swiped our tennis ball from between my feet as I lay there pleading for the the sun to come back, literally blowing at the giant cloud in hopes of giving it a little boost.
I had sworn to protect Nevaeh's ball from the dogs. Mommy fail:(

1 comment:

Rachel was like.... said...

bahaha.... buttzillion...hahaha.. that my immaturity coming out. ;)

fun day!! well it looks like it was sunny at one point of your beach day!