Monday, August 2, 2010

Phase 2

"Surprise! Happy Last Work Day Daddy!"
…the girls and I yelled as he came through
the door last friday evening.

We threw him a lil party with homemade pesto pizza and cookies and all of his favorite things. The Lord has been faithful, the body of Christ so generous, the season so sweet. My 'Mover Man' can rest for a bit…we move on to phase 2 of our roller coaster ride.
We're up, we're down, we're uncertain what's around the next bend,
but we are having a blast and we would totally get in line all over again!
Al will start on Staff with Reality Carp On Sept 1st.
Hungry for a little Daddy time, Nevaeh had been praying for Al to have 10 days off work before she starts school, Jesus answered her prayers x3!
We now have 31 days of Daddy time, and we couldn't be more thrilled!
Thank you Jesus!

Nevaeh made a list of things she wants to do during Daddy's vacation
she was persistent that her list needed a bow
…"Why?" i asked impatiently
…."because its a gift from God" she said
(enter heart melting here)

I hope to keep you updated on our adventures
…buuuuut you know me…


sarajeancooksey said...

um that is the most precious thing ever! I am so thrilled for you guys :) enjoy this month!

one question, what does "Tree2" on Nevaeh's list mean, and I noticed it was checked off.

love you guys

Al said...

She is the best! the other one isnt half bad either the lil curly cue Magooda

Corynne Escalante said...

so good to have you back!

what a sweet thing, that nevaeh. "yosemite"
this is wonderful. and how great is it that she is learning to recognize that every good and perfect gift comes from above. good job!

Nina49a said...

Sara- its TreeS with a backwards 'S' - she is definitely regressing in her writing skills! It means climbing trees. They did that. check!

Anu said...

Your blog is so nice :)

Brandi said...

Another precious post! I am so stinken thrilled for you guys and all God has in store for you. We are praying for you all as you change from one season in life to the next - I just pray that this season has some Auntie time in it :) We miss you guys oodles and oodles! ((HUGS!!))