Monday, August 18, 2008

Black Attack

Well ladies and gentlemen...I finally did it. My once white Shabby Chic Antique table is now BLACK! Ok well, I didn't actually do it myself, my dad (Ernie, to specify between the many) painted it for us and did a marvelous job. It turned out really shiney which is okay with me it just means that everything shows up on it and I have to clean it often...which is a good "have to" for me. You would think that a white table would require more cleaning attention.. but Oh So not so...white hid the crumbs, which fall my the tons around here, much better. But I was so tired of my white table and chairs that Al and I bought 7 years ago just before we were married. We found the table at an antique shop in Reedley, Ca. For those of you who think Fresno is small town, you should visit Reedley. I think we paid like $200 for it which seems like alot now seeing as how there were no chairs, but at the time it felt like a steal! We found our four matching chairs at "Wisteria" a quaint little shop in Fresno's Tower District, next to the guy with the used bookstore who looked like Peter Jackson when he directed Lord of the Rings. That was a great little store, its gone now...Anyone know where he went? Anyways My table is Black and I like it.


Brandel said...

I love your new and improved table. That is a drag that the upkeep isn't as easy as when it was white, but good info. to know...Thanks! Love you!

sarajeancooksey said...

that looks AWESOME!