Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Post by Nevaeh

My Bapa and Ada came to our house....cause they live far far far far away. Lets see.....what I do. I just played. They live far away. And then I play with Char too. Hmmm.... did I bring Dan (her horse) or something? Where did we go to? Did we go to the store or something? We ride the Horsies! and Char cried...and hey I know, what about we spell it! what about we read it! I saw a monkey and and... and what? And a I saw an alligator, fishies and snake. Did we... um we played Moses! In the basket... and I just lay in there and he put the blanket up. And then uh ....he take it off! I had a little sippie when I took a nap.....umm.... maybe we uh....thats all. I think thats all.


brittanyanne said...


Rachel was like.... said...

this is so cute. lol i can totally picture her telling this story. "uhhh ..and what else did we do?" "and i had a sippie"..o the important things in life

Al said...

Wow Nevaeh you are turning out to be such the writer. Its plain to see she got it from Mom. Dad is not all that bad either ha ha. How Linda and I loved our time with you all. Bapa misses you all!