Sunday, August 31, 2008

Princesses in Training

Nevaeh was in the princess mood yesterday. Dresses, crowns, shoes and plenty of dancing!
"Aren't I such a beautiful Princess mama?"
she asked, as she practiced her twirls in front of the mirror.
"Ya gotta turn dis way, dis way, then all the way round!"
"Dance with me mama!"
"Char will be the prince!"

Char can never be left out of anything and so she had her turn to be a princess too! Charlotte is really into putting things on her head lately. Yesterday she crawled in the room with a onesie on her head that she had fished out of the laundry basket....never a dull moment with that one. She has also taken a few steps and prefers to walk down the hall holding on to the wall as opposed to crawling...she should be taking off any day now. No rush....absolutely no rush.


Rachel was like.... said...

awwww.. this they are adorable. nevaeh look so excited. so i seriously feel that they would love having a girly party with making cookies as part of our day. i can even take them home so u guys arent tempted to eat all of them ;) wait what?! i want to see Char walking down the hall!! cant miss one day in the life of a little one or youve already missed so much! goodness...wait for me char!

sarajeancooksey said...

ohhh too precious!!! she is a beautiful princess. I can't wait to see you three in like 4 days!

allisonescalante said...

man! too bad im not majoring in english. you could totally help me out with my spelling now that your my neighbor or wait, is it nayber? hahah. love you

allisonescalante said...

and now im gonna be so paranoid. i need to fix this.
i meant to say YOU'RE not Your in the last comment.

Corynne Escalante said...

oh my gosh, nina! your little babies are sooo cute! it makes me tear up when I see them. I miss you! I miss your beautiful, sweet children. What a cute story, too. And I have been noticing that you have a great eye for photos... props.

and that is pretty amazing that char is walking down the hall like that. impressive.

why, oh why, do i have to miss everything?

(by the way: what a different world you live in with a 3 year old girl as opposed to a 3 year old boy. but, teen years will make up for that, right?)

Al said...

Them's Bapa's Girls!

Brandel said...

SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I can't wait to see you girls! My heart is just leaping with joy and anticipation!