Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Play Day

We were oh so delighted to have some much anticipated visitors in our home today. We were blessed with the company of 3 cheery Escalante's and of course our Rachel. Corynne, Elliott and Caiden's spontaneous adventure to the OC landed them in our living room for an indoor picnic, adventure walk, pool feet dipping, and a slew of pictures! Take a peek in on our always exciting time together.




Rachel was like.... said...

i love your smile. :) and the one of Char on top of Caiden is really cute. lol that was funny moment.

Corynne Escalante said...

it was SOOO good to see you guys. i really enjoyed it. it was so fun to watch the kids together. and i love your take on the day. cuz i felt like so much went down that i couldn't find all the words to say it. but this helps.

thanks for a great day!

oh! and my email won't send emails out right now, but i'll tell you about how to post bigger pictures and stuff. i use a blog editor now because blogger is so limiting..

brittanyanne said...

Oh! I love the one where Elliott looks like an "International Man of Mystery!"


The Montgomerys said...

So cute...I love the pic of the two babies at the sliding glass door...

I'm happy that you got to hang out with my most favorite sister in law!!!!

You girls are so beautiful!!!



sarajeancooksey said...

aw those pics are cute! I think Char resembles Nevaeh in the stoller pic. It's the eyes.

Nina49a said...

For a more detailed and hilariously accurate log of our day, visit or just click on corynne above.