Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saying Goodbye

We lost a dear friend this week. Our little platy fish, "Mick" went home to fishy heaven via the plumbing(try explaining that to a three yr. old). Mick got sick rapidly with a internal bacterial infection. He began to retain water under his scales and started puffing up like a blowfish. A condition called dropsy. I researched his condition on the internet and realized his outlook was dim and by the time they start the pineconing stage (scales stick out) its just to late. The fish experts recommended the most proper way to euthanize a fish is to put them in the freezer! I couldn't even imagine doing this to our little Mick. I prayed that he would suffer no longer and asked the Lord to please take him quickly, the following day he died. So I'm sure you all are wondering how Nevaeh is doing with the loss of her second fish. (We lost Mick's brother "Rocko" earlier this year, actually Mick killed him, sort of a Cain and Abel situation) I was able to tell her before he died that Mick was sick and he was going to die. She went to his tank and said with such empathy, "Aww Mick , I'm so sorry". I told her when he died that we can go to the fish store pick out some new fish for her tank! And Mick quickly became a distant memory! I on the other hand am mourning the loss of our little pet, I get attached to anything, it doesn't even have to be living! ( I once got attached to a hiking stick, that I named, at girl scout camp and was brought to tears when my troop leader wouldn't let me take it home)
photo below is not Mick, but it looks just like himMick was a "Mickey Mouse Platy"

he had the black mickey mouse emblem on his tail.

Good bye Mick ... you will be missed(for a week or so).


Rachel was like.... said...

i want a little fishy now! haha. i tried asking her last night what happened to him and what u did with him when he died. and all she would give me was "we gave him to jesus. jesus took him" it was really cute. :)

Corynne Escalante said...

aawww... my condolences for your loss.

sarajeancooksey said...

I'm so sorry for you lose.

as far as the hiking stick thing goes, I will admit to having one on that trip also that I named. I think we cried over our beloved sticks because that trip was so traumatizing and the only comfort we had were our sticks. btw, do you remember their names?

brittanyanne said...


Brandel said...

I am such a wimp, I cried when I read about your fish but then I laughed when I read about your pet stick. I remember that like it was yesterday. I thought you girls (You & Sara) were so stupid for having pet sticks. Tha't was until our GS leader tried to take them away - that's when my big sister mentality kicked in and I wanted to go toe to toe with those crazy women for making you girls cry. If only I had a hanger...Hahahahha!

The Montgomerys said...

Ahhh poor Mick!! I'm sure he will be very missed :(

I'm glad you tried a Thai Iced tea and liked it too!!

If you haven't tried a vietnamese coffee...DO IT!!!

Super strong and yummy...

Mon (let me know what you think)